Jasmine & Carlos planned their engagement session to be in a totally different environment than their Caribbean landscapes of Dominican Republic. They wanted to have a different scenery and what place was better than desert and those warm tones! they chose Emirates Palace Hotel. She said that she loved those endless stairs and fountains with Abu Dhabi city scape glittering from far. Besides it being an overall gorgeous venue, I personally love the variety it has for photo locations. The Arabian style architecture of the hotel which is warm, welcoming and luxurious is very picturesque. As many as 100 domes of the architecture, symbolize the beauty of sand dunes in nature, and also the long line of pillars never disappoints for that perfect perspective column image. I love the options for the different style of photography there. I always get great night shots of the Bride & Groom with palms and fountains !

Besides all of this, I love that Jasmine & Carlos chose to have all elements and symbols of United Arab Emirates in their photo session. They chose to start their engagement session at the hotel and then we hit the road to find some sand dunes and camels. She wore turquoise scarf which she bought from a pedlar and used it for some shotes. Jasmine chose to wear four different outfits to match each background. Everything came together perfectly and we ride and enjoyed chatting on the way from spot to spot and had an amazing time together! The desert landscapes during sunset and night shots in beautiful Emirates Palace park, with palms and fountains are my favorites. I’m sure you can see the sense of cultural exploration in all of these images!